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The dreams of India’s youngest generation

jul 27, 2015   //   by yaravaningen   //   Yara India Blog  //  No Comments

I’d like to introduce myself to start with, my name is Yara, and I attend an international high school in Arnhem (The Netherlands). I lived in India with my parents for 4 years, where my mom (Tineke) set up a community project in a slum, Janakiram Nagar (Bangalore, India). In my free time I would visit her project and spend time with the children, working with them on activities and homework. It inspired me to see what they dreamed of becoming; aspiring doctors, teachers and presidents. 

This year we will be returning to India for a holiday, throughout which we will be visiting 5 cities/towns. As part of a school project, I would like to sit down and talk with some children from the cities about what they aspire to become, what their dreams are and what is standing in the way of achieving this. I will be posting blogs about each child, to support 3D Empowerement’s mission of taking children as the central point of a community and its growth.

3D Empowerement focusses on a child’s needs, and approaching a community based on this. I have seen this in action in Janakiram, and seen how successfull this is in encouraging children to go to school, mothers to work and adolescents to follow further education to invest in their future. I hope that the stories of the children will show the potential they have, the opportunities they desire and the power they have, but how there are barriers holding them back, to emphasize the importance of giving them a chance to be what they dream of. 

I’m very much looking forward to meeting these children and sharing their dreams with you.