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‘Wijkinzicht’ Foundation

TheFoundation form fits the social objectives that Wijkinzicht set itself. It also fits the idea to give back : everything that will be earned will be invested in projects in developing countries where there’s not enough funds or means to empower people. The Wijkinzicht Foundation has a so called ‘ANBI Status’.

Unleash talent and use the talents, that’s exactly what Wijkinzicht strives for with and for everyone in a neighborhood. Wijkinzicht doesn’t take over, she however encourages, enables and unleashes. It doesn’t direct or tell you what to do, it will just reveal the opportunities.

  • professionals with a social drive and passion
  • organisation is flexible and resilient
  • foxus on quality and quality assurance
  • use of state-of-the-art tools
  • clear commitments and agreements and lives up to it
  • transparency is key