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Vision on ‘Livability’

The approach from diverse fields of study makes up the influence of 3D-Empowerment. Health, safety, residence, jobs, education, sports and culture all converge on livability. Unique to our approach is our focus on the perspective of children. We use a range of tools in our projects in order to map out the district and the motives of its residents.

3D-Empowerment considers that basic human rights are fundamental to the livability of a neighborhood. Everyone should be able to participate in society. A livable neighborhood is a healthy, inspirational, safe neighborhood where one feels at home and feels fits oneself. A neighborhood that provides for basic needs and in part thanks to your contribution, remains livable.

Health and welfare

Health and livability go hand in hand. The environment plays and integral part in health. It determines your exercise, your sleep, your nourishment and the proximity to nature. Read more


Shelter for everyone is a key concern. A place you feel safe and at home, can rest easy and live in harmony with the neighborhood. Read more about this


Working not only constitutes as a meaningful activity, it also provides social status and renders healthy. Read more


Several prerequisites to learning are: comfortability; motivation; employing oneself, and a thirst for knowledge. Read more about this


A nice neighborhood is a safe neighborhood. We can all contribute to that. By bearing in mind each other’s interests, by mutuality/giving and taking, by being each other’s moral compass. Especially for the vulnerable members of the neighborhood: children and elderly. Read more about this

Sports and leisure

Sports unifies. Exercise benefits health and is also an enjoyable leisure activity. It can take place anywhere and everyone can participate. Read more about this

Art and culture

Local culture is shaped by the habits of a country, municipality, neighborhood. 3D-Empowerment continuously searches for this; what does and does not match the residents. Read more about this