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What goes on in a neighborhood? What parties are present and what are the agreements? What motivates the residents, what has them leaving their house? In our approach we use the answers to these questions to improve the living standard in the neighborhood. In doing so we use two tools: the District Information Tool and Energy8 for Districts.

District Information Tool: charting the district

We consider it important to have as much information digitally available as possible. Take for example information about the district in general, or more specifically projects and agreements. We maintain a close working relation with Land Register and Object Vision to make such a tool available in the cloud. This tool links, informs and provides information to residents, municipality, organizations and companies with correct information at any given time. As might be expected, this tool checks all requirements in regards to security and privacy.

Energy8 for Districts: insight to motives

Energy8 for Districts is a digital tool with which the motives of a group of people – residents, youth, athletes, parents, etc. – can be identified. The outcomes from the tool activates, motivates and loosens the tongue. By having developed an app, we have given children the opportunity to discover motives common to the neighborhood.

Get to know our vision on neighborhood livability, our approach, our tools and our projects. For direct contact: info@wijkinzicht.nl or scan our QR code.