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Living is having a home, a place to wash up, sleep, eat and be sheltered against the elements, alone or with others. Living can take place in many forms. It’s crucial that everyone has a roof over their head, in which the inhabitant feels safe and at home, can rest easily and live in harmony with neighbors. Having shelter is a basic need. If a person is (momentarily) is in need of a safe place to sleep, it is imperative the government should provide it

  • A house tailored to the occupant: rented, purchased, constructed, operated, leased.
  • Home decoration: enriched by own tone and tinge
  • Financial support
  • Community involvement

Real estate

Not the bricks, but the activity it holds within determine the value of the property and the value it has for society. An adequate application of the property mutually benefits all parties involved: owner, usurper and society. 3D-Empowerment commits itself to realizing and/or maintaining the (shared) facilities that are both personalized and affordable. A focused effort using civil real estate can be the critical factor for success.

Get to know our vision on neighborhood livability, our approach, our tools and our projects. For direct contact: info@wijkinzicht.nl or scan our QR code.

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