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We learn every day, consciously and unconsciously. We learn to walk, to eat, to read. We learn at home, at school, in the street and at work. In order to learn you have to have an open mind, be motivated, dedicate yourself and have an apetite to experience. We do learn in different ways , by experiencing, by seeing, by tasting and by just doing. Learning has a big influence on your emotions and behaviours. If you do something well and are being recognised and rewarded, you feel good and start to know your strengths. When you solve problems together with others, you will get to know each others strengths. ‘Wijkinzicht’ extensively uses these principles of learning. 

Without learning there is no future, no innovation. Learning is a basic requirements. Governments have a responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to schooling and learning.

  • Education: it is the basis for living (together)
  • By learning you prepare yourself for working life.
  • Exploring, developing, inspiring to make independent decisions
  • These buildingblocks, these programs are a meaningful contribution
  • Shaping one’s own identity, collaboration, respect and a beautiful future..

Get to know our vision on neighborhood livability, our approach, our tools and our projects. For direct contact: info@wijkinzicht.nl or scan our QR code.

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