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Health and Welfare

Growing up collectively and in good health is not only a sturdy foundation for children, it also benefits a family and the entire environment. That which makes you healthy is an absolute. Your view of health is quite subjective. Your health depends on an array of factors. Personal control over these factors is vital. Nutrition, exercise, sufficient sleep, bountiful nature in your environment all play a part. Your surroundings also greatly impact your health. Wholesome development is a basic need. Falling short on your control (temporarily), means the government should have your back.

  • Access to healthy food, plenty of exercise, proper night’s rest, ample nature
  • Organization of and access to (medical) care, such as hospitals, general practitioners, health care facilities
  • Feeling (socially) secure at home; with family and friends, and at school
  • Wellbeing: are you liked, is there sufficient attention for you, can you handle conflicts, are you well provided

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