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Board and Network

Wijkinzicht is a foundation. These are the members of the board of this foundation

WI-Willem WI-Tineke

Vanessa Holtkuile
Passionate real-estate consultant.
+31(0)6 365 52 620

Willem van Santen
Experienced and knowledgeable in the public domain – easily connects organisations and enables collaboration and cooperation.
+31(0)6 464 44 798

Tineke Otter
Innovative for society and its people. Talent to guide and lead transformations and organisation changes.
+31(0)6 142 042 46

Wijkinzicht Network

The larger network consists of passionate, involved and experienced members, who embrace the wijkinzicht concept and want to be part of it, to make our world a better place.

WI-Wiro WI-Ruud

Wiro Pillen

A consensus oriented police officer. With his years of experience has some great ideas about a better and safer neighborhood.

Ruud van Dijk
Unbelievable quality to enhance and flourish self-confidence of kids by means of sports and activity.

Martijn van Duuren



These are the network members of other non-government organisations, self-deployed professionals brainstromers, project managers but also :

Occupant Traveler Teacher

Sportsman Adventurer  Agent

Mom   Musician  Mediator

Dad   Poet

In-love   Painter  Dreamer

Everyone its own talent. And that’s exactly what we want to mobilize for your teams ..
And if you just don’t know how to do it, we will excite you and unleash your ideas, so that you can take it forward.