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Each independent professional working with 3D-Empowerment bring in their own expertise. Together we stand in our conviction that the following principles contribute to a better livability. In doing so, we use the 3D-Empowerment-tool and Energy8 for districts.

Tinge and tone of the district

What is truly important to locals? What gets them out and about? What interests and links people? The answers to these questions give insight to the ‘tone and tinge’ of a district. Which is different in each district. We actively search to see what drives the locals. Once you know what gets people going, changes will be positive and lasting.

Basic needs met

Once basic needs are met, one is able to contribute (to the neighborhood). The state of a neighbor’s garden is only truly appreciated, when your plate is adorned by a sandwich. As soon as the basic needs are satisfied, room is created to socialize and participate.

Children as end and means

A child develops its character in the first 6 years of its life. Collectively growing up creates a strong foundation. Along with and with the help of children around the neighborhood, we want to transform the district: they are the core.

Holistic approach

Our holistic approach is based on three cornerstones:

  • Socio-medical
  • Economic
  • Technical

We believe Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) can link up by working together on these cornerstones; gaining access along the way. Being independent professionals allows us to show varying concerns and linking together different parties.


Simple instruments allow the districts to be bustling again, capture information and streamline communication. In doing so we use a handy district-information tool.

Get to know our vision on neighborhood livability, our approach, our tools and our projects. For direct contact: info@wijkinzicht.nl or scan our QR code.